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How to Install Wall Recessed Linear Shower Drain

How to Install a Drains Wall Recessed Linear Floor Drain


  1. Confirm that the sub-floor meets all local code requirements and the Tile Council of North Americas (TCNA) guidelines. Ensure the sub-floor is for Level and clean of dust and debris.

  2. Determine the location of the drain outlet location. Typically linear drains span a dimension from finish face of sheathing to finish face of sheathing on the sides and against a stud framing. 12" DUW are designed to install between framing.

  3. Once established desired location mark and cutout drainage hole.

  4. Install a layer of cleavage membrane or tar paper over the subfloor.

  5. Install a layer of metal lath over cleavage membrane or tar paper.

  6. Install specified DUW linear drain body by secure to the distribution line to the main waste line with coupling and hose clamps.

  7. Install 2"x4" nominal framing header and stud above the DUW drain body secured to the wall studs.

  8. Install 5/8" cementitious board on wall studs.

  9. Spread a primary mortar bed across the predetermined shower area. Pitch this bed towards the drain body at 1/4 inch slop.

  10. Install waterproofing membrane (liquid or roll) across floor/wall areas and over DUW drain body flange.

  11. Spread thin-set across floor/wall area using tile manufacturer's or stone suppliers recommended trowel spacing size.

  12. Install selected tile or stone across the floor/wall area.

  13. Spread grout across floor/wall area.

  14. TIL-Drain Grate Tile Installation: a. Clean drain grate of oils and dust. b. Cut and install a layer of waterproofing membrane inside the tile tray. c. Spread a layer of thin-set inside the tile tray. d. Cut and install selected tile or stone.

  15. Install drain grate.

  16. Wipe clean all surfaces of dust and debris.

Important Note! Installer must verify all rough-in dimensions prior to installation and consult local and national codes. Adherence and compliance to local and national codes are the responsibility of the installer.

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