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SereneDrains Premium Collection of Luxury Shower Drains

Decorative Shower Drains

Elevate your shower experience with SereneDrains' premium linear shower drains. Crafted from high-quality 16 Gauge SS304 stainless steel, this drain promises exceptional durability and longevity.

Engineered for seamless installation with various waterproofing materials such as hot-mop, liquid membranes, sheet membranes, and vinyl waterproofing. Additionally, each drain undergoes rigorous leak testing before dispatch, guaranteeing water and leak-proof performance.

Installation is effortless, thanks to its stable design, eliminating the need for leveling feet. Simply rest the flange on the floor edge, and you're ready to go.

Versatile in its applications, this linear shower drain is perfectly suited for showers, baths, kitchens, hotel rooms, spas, and wheelchair-accessible or barrier-free showers. It epitomizes functionality and elegance for any modern space. Plus, the drain's removable grate streamlines cleaning, enhancing ease of maintenance.

Available Sizes (Approximate Dimensions)

  • Length 16" (400mm), Intake 7.80 sq. in.

  • Length 24" (600mm), Intake 11.67 sq. in.

  • Length 30" (762mm), Intake 14.79 sq. in.

  • Length 35.43" (900mm), Intake 17.48 sq. in.

  • Length 39.37" (1000mm), Intake 19.39 sq. in.

  • Length 47.25" (1200mm), Intake 23.20 sq. in.

  • Length 59.05" (1500mm), Intake 26.59 sq. in.

  • Length 72" (1828mm), Intake 32.40 sq. in.

  • Length 90" (2286mm), Intake 40.51 sq. in.

Channel width: 2 3/4" (70 mm). Flow rate: at the entrance to the shower - 6.3GPM (0.4 l/s); against the wall - 9.5GPM (0.6 l/s).

Whether you're building a new bathroom or looking to upgrade your space, SereneDrains offers the perfect solution. Explore our full collection today.

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